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Leesa’s A.I natural language processing allows you to get data relationships from your database automatically, just by asking in plain English.

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  • supabase
  • airtables
  • slack
  • postgresql
  • mongodb
  • whatsapp
  • excel

Connect your data source.
That’s it.

Leesa doesn’t require any programming knowledge to get you up and running, simply connect your data source by entering its URL and you’re done, it’s that simple.


Actionable insights from your
data in seconds.

Filtering through your data is no longer a chore, get actionable insights from your data source in seconds. Impressions? Conversion rates? Leesa does it all.


Allow your team members to automatically query through slack-logo Slack.

No need to wait for your data analyst to run queries. Do it through Slack, with Whatsapp and Telegram integrations coming soon.


Query Integrations

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  • webapp-white
  • whatsapp-white COMING SOON
  • telegram-white COMING SOON

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Leesa, its usage and everything in between. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please get in touch with us.

Yes, you can use Leesa for free, forever! Our mission is to help everyone better understand their data. You’ll be notified if you hit your limit. The best part is that we don’t require a card when you sign up.
You can currently integrate Google sheets or Supabase. Our roadmap includes integrations for MySQL, Postgress, MongDB, Airtable and Excel. If there’s an integration that you would like us to prioritize, please email
Absolutely! Only you and those you share permission with are able to view your database. Leesa does not import any of your data.

Database integrations you’ll love using.

We currently support Google Sheets and Supabase, but we have a dozen more planned, here’s a list.

  • airtables
  • mongodb
  • postgresql
  • supabase
  • mysql
  • excel

Simple, transparent pricing.

Our pricing is fair, simple, and transparent. No hidden fees and you’re always notified when you’ve hit your limits.



Get started in 1 click. Free forever.

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Upgraded analytics for your team.

  • brown-checkUnlimited seats
  • brown-checkUnlimited queries
  • brown-checkUnlimited DB integrations
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